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We’re elevating the holiday traditions with a series of festive dishes inspired by our chefs visit to communities in the Peruvian Amazon earlier this year. A portion of the proceeds from each dish will benefit SUSHISAMBA’s long-standing charity partner Cool Earth and their efforts to help halt rainforest deforestation in the Amazon.


November 2019 – January 2020


Experience one-of-a-kind dishes that highlight the versatility and rich flavors of the Amazon,  £1 from each dish will benefit SUSHISAMBA long standing charity partner Cool Earth to help halt rainforest deforestation in the Amazon.


*available in addition to our signature menus at both SUSHISAMBA London locations




pork belly, gyoza crisp, aji panca, radish, avocado purée, celeriac, nastortium

We kicked off our adventure exploring street food in Lima. The Peruvian markets awakened all of our senses – the vibrant smells, colors and tastes of ingredients as we waded through the bustle. We’re a long distance from the Surquillo Market, but with this dish we’re hoping to transport some of that experience.


amaebi, lucuma emulsion, rocoto mayo, chives oil, achiote coral

After arriving in the village of Pamakiari we went fishing in the Ene River alongside the locals. The process is labor intensive and requires the support of the whole community. As we worked to build a dam with leaves, the cool running water, splashing over glistening river rocks reminds us of that feeling of freshness in the jungle – a moment of pause and gratefulness amidst the hard work.


coconut water leche de tigre, coriander, coconut foam, peanut snow

After a hot day fishing on the river, the locals waited for us with refreshing coconuts. Let me tell you, there is nothing that tastes better! With this dish we wanted to showcase the versatility of this humble ingredient – its hydrating water, satiating meat, and delicate sweetness. 


lulo leche de tigre caliente, ollucos, purple potato, jerusalem artichoke, huancaina, papa criolla

Potatoes are the essential crop of Peru. There are over 3500 varieties in the Andes alone. With this seviche-style dish we pay tribute to the tubers that the communities have been foraging for over 8,000 years.


aji verde yuzu emulsion, yuca crisp, kikuna, crispy shallot, huacatay purée

On the last night Chef John and I prepared a celebratory parting feast for the community. One of the dishes we made was a canned tuna seviche using ingredients sourced in the rainforest and from local markets in Lima and Satipo.


miso cured tuna, mustard leaf, asparagus, mango, avocado, yuca crisp, wasabi jalapeño

Accompanying the tuna seviche, Chef John prepared an assortment of sushi rolls. The community was captivated by the process – this was their very first taste of sushi. Judging from the empty trays after our service – it was a huge hit. This roll brings back memories of this very special experience – and also represents the vibrant greens of the Amazon rainforest.


asháninka chocolate, mango, yuzu, tropical matcha sorbet, raindrop ‘cake’, hazelnut crumble, pistachio

With this dish we wanted to capture the life and beauty of the rainforest and its experience, but also to bring attention to the devastation left by illegal deforestation and loggers. The Amazon is the ‘lungs’ of the world: We must act now to save it!