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Our story

We are Sushisamba

Only at SUSHISAMBA will you find a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine. 

SUSHISAMBA is born of the energy and spirit of these three distinct cultures, a tri-cultural coalition that took root in the early 20th century when thousands of Japanese emigrants traveled to South America’s fertile soil to cultivate coffee plantations and find their fortune. In bustling cities like Lima in Peru, and São Paulo in Brazil, the integration of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cultures flourished. 

Equal parts imagination and history, the SUSHISAMBA experience is truly unique. Beating at the heart of SUSHISAMBA is a deep appreciation for enjoying life and celebrating with friends. Visit us in Amsterdam, Miami, Las Vegas, London and soon to be open Dubai.

Sushi Samba Restaurant Entrance
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" One of the most popular high-end restaurants in cities from London and Miami to Las Vegas and Amsterdam.."

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Culture & Cuisine

Our food

With culinary inspirations from Japan, Brazil and Peru, our menus offer robust dining options. Japanese tempura and sushi; Brazilian churrasco and moqueca; Peruvian anticuchos and seviche…variety reigns supreme. Vegetarian, vegan or gluten conscious? We’ve got that covered too.

Japanese Brazilian Peruvian
Octopus Food Dish sushisamba covent garden
Scallop Seviche Food Dish

"Known for its unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine, you’ll find great food from robata grill to sushi, and fantastic cocktails...”

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Events & private dining

Book an event

A SUSHISAMBA private event is simply unforgettable.

Our dedicated events team helps you every step of the way. Intimate dinners, festive stand-up cocktail parties, unique corporate functions, and bespoke tasting experiences featuring sushi, sake offer endless possibilities! 


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"Save supper at SUSHISAMBA for a special occasion and you’ll be pleased you did"

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Charity partners

Cool earth

The plight of the Amazonian rainforest holds special meaning for SUSHISAMBA. The brand’s roots in Brazil and Peru combined with our passion for supporting the Amazon, have paved the way for the SUSHISAMBA and Cool Earth global partnership.

Cool Earth is a non-profit organization that works with rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. Cool Earth doesn’t create reserves or put up fences, it gives control back to the people. This approach aligns with SUSHISAMBA’s ethos of preservation, sustainability, education and social consciousness.

SUSHISAMBA has partnered with Cool Earth since 2015, from chefs’ trips to meet the Asháninka, a community in the Amazon, to epic fundraisers that raised awareness and funds for Cool Earth’s crucial cause, the SUSHISAMBA/Cool Earth partnership has already impacted the region positively.

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Together we stand in solidarity against racial injustice. We believe every life deserves to be lived without fear and discrimination, we believe in the power of coming together, we believe in compassion and we believe in celebrating diversity and individuality. SUSHISAMBA is a safe place for everyone - no matter the color of your skin, the person you love, or where you are from. 🖤🖤🖤 #blackouttuesday #blackoutday2020 Exciting news SUSHISAMBA #Amsterdam is back! We will be reopening our doors tomorrow Monday, June 1st 💥 Due to limited capacity reservations are required please contact for details • We can’t wait to welcome you back!!! 🍣🥂🇳🇱 . #sushisamba #reopening #canalside #amsterdamfood #amsterdamlife #iamsterdam A very special delivery this morning to @kingscollegehospital critical care units. We are forever grateful to those working on the frontlines during these extremely difficult times! You guys are our heroes and we are so happy to help in a small way and bring a smile and meal to you. 💙💙💙#nhsheroes #london #sushisamba #covid19 Our Sakura #sushi plate with Lobster, Ezo, Samba London and Veggie maki is sure to be a standout at any dinner table 🍣 Order yours via link in the bio ... 📷 @tamara_jamieson #london #sushilovers #fooddelivery #takeaway #londonfood #londoneats #londonist #londoner #sushisamba If you haven’t tried our signature ‘El Topo’ you certainly should... This unique #sushi roll made with salmon, jalapeno, shiso leaf, fresh melted mozzarella and crispy onion has been on our menus since the beginning, and now can be enjoyed at the comfort of your home through our #takeaway and delivery menu 🚗 Link in the bio... 📷 @mikeeatslondon #sushisamba #london #londonfood #fooddelivery #supper #londoneats #sushi #delivery Cheers to the #bankholiday weekend! Our Rosé giveaway is back!🍷 Enjoy a complimentary bottle of #rosé with every £100 or more #takeaway or delivery purchase via this weekend with promo code #ROSEWEEKEND 💥 Order now via link in the bio... 🚗 #cheers #london #londonfood #weekendvibes #fooddelivery #sushisamba